Then Comes Baby

Then Comes Baby

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Greg and Lisa Popcak—popular Catholic authors, radio hosts, and marriage and family experts—present this unique guide to caring for one’s baby, self, marriage, and spiritual life in the first three years of parenthood.

In Then Comes Baby: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood, Greg and Lisa Popcak lend readers the benefit of their twenty-five years’ experience in parenting and marriage and family counseling to help them navigate the earliest years of parenthood. They recommend rituals, routines, and tips on how to manage feeding, fatigue, and finances and how also to prioritize marital bonding and faith life, suggesting that setting the pattern early will pay dividends later. The Popcaks coach Catholic couples as they become first-time parents as they adjust to their new identities and help them face the inevitable challenges of parenthood with ideas for bonding with babies and getting sufficient sleep and nutrition—all while seeing these everyday experiences through the lens of Catholic teaching on the purpose of family life.

Features & Benefits

  • First book to present a Catholic approach to becoming parents through a mix of counseling expertise, Church teaching, and good humor.
  • The Popcaks are well-known nationally syndicated radio hosts and have authored more than a dozen books on marriage and family life.
  • Authors founded and direct the Pastoral Solutions Institute as well as the Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner.

288 pages. Paperback.

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