There Are No Accidents

There Are No Accidents

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After the impact of the car shattered his body on the evening of January 11, 2004...

Fr. Groeschel reflects on the good that has come - and continues to come - from that horrific accident. And, responding to questions posed by noted British journalist John Bishop in an interview before the accident, he reflects on:

  • Founding the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.
  • Spending time in jail for civil disobedience outside an abortion clinic.
  • Recognizing where God is when suffering intensifies and evil prospers.
  • Understanding Christ's feeling of abandonment on the cross.
  • Discovering and living one's vocation.
  • Loving the poor wholeheartedly.
  • Being "gently scolded" by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
  • And more...

128 pages. Paperback.

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