Trinity Cross

Trinity Cross

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Measures 10-3/8" tall by 7-3/4" wide. The cross has fine metallic gold details throughout. There is a high-gloss finish on the cross so it is very smooth. The cross is made from wood. There is a small hanger on the back side that can be flipped up or down, so the cross may hang on a wall or sit on a shelf. Made in Italy.

"The top of the trinity cross represents an episode of the Old Testament; the sight of the three angels to Abraham. The left wing of the cross depicts the baptism of Jesus. The lower part of the cross represents the moment of Jesus's death. The right wing of the cross depicts the Trinity in the moment of resurrection. The center of the cross is the classical iconography of how the Trinity was seen in the Renaissance: the father here is no longer represented as an old man, but is the same as the figure of Jesus. The son is recognized for two reasons: the first because, as the Gospel says, on the right side of the father is the son, the second is because he carries the marks of the stigmata on the hands on the feet and on the side. On their mouths the tips of the wings of the dove are placed, this means that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. The sphere that the three persons of the trinity hold up represent the world, divided into three identical parts, touched the first by the hand of the father, the second by the hand of Jesus, the third by the beak of the dove, which represents the holy spirit. If the clothes that cover the right knee of the father and the left knee of the son are observed well, one has the illusion that in the middle there is a third person sitting, this effect is voluntarily and is a further representation of the holy spirit that unites Father and Son" - On the back of the cross, translated from Italian

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