True Devotion to Mary

True Devotion to Mary

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By: St. Louis Marie De Montfort

In the beautiful writing of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, one can discover the true meaning of Marian devotion. Considered the greatest single book on Mary ever written, this classic shows the way to Jesus through Mary. It sums up the entire Christian life and provides the key both to sanctity and to salvation. Beloved by countless souls; makes lasting devotees. St. Louis De Montfort prophesied that True Devotion to Mary would be the way of life of the great Saints of the latter times. "True Devotion to Mary" was one of Pope John Paul II's favorite books. Pope John Paul II said of this book," I used to read it many times from the beginning to the last page and thanks to that book, I discovered the real Devotion to Mary. Before reading that book, I thought that praying (to the) Holy Virgin meant to hide the love for Jesus Christ. While reading the Treaty of Grignion de Montfort, I finally discovered the contrary, that is that our interior relationship with the Mother of God is but the consequence of our tie with the mystery of God."

This devotion is destined to change the world!

320 pages. Paperback.

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