Volume 1: Thoughts on Spirituality

Volume 1: Thoughts on Spirituality

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Volume One is the very first book in the entire series of Direction for Our Times, as given to Anne, a lay apostle. The first third of this volume was written in the style of a spiritual diary. Anne describes her early journey as she discovers God's special work for her. Anne records her experiences as a wife and mother, while Jesus and Mary, Our Blessed Mother, speak to her, in the form of locutions, about her daily works, joys and sufferings. The heavenly perspective will change how you view your own everyday works, joys and sufferings as you move closer to Jesus.

The rest of Volume One contains messages from Jesus and Mary, Our Blessed Mother, recorded in June and July 2003. They are messages spoken directly to souls. The messages cover a wide range of topics but all concerning specific direction and encouragement in our times for us to grow closer to God and, therefore, grow in holiness. Jesus announces his plan for a great renewal that is coming. It is a mission of mercy, a Rescue Mission for souls, that you are asked to participate in by responding "yes" to Jesus.

"And you will be part of the greatest renewal in the history of your world. It is coming. So be of good cheer and do not become discouraged." -Jesus

"I need many of you now to turn to Me with abandonment. Will you say 'yes' to your Jesus?" -Jesus, June 25, 2003

"Trust in God, and in His purpose and will moving in your life, grants you a detachment that liberates your spirit and frees you to do many things." -Mary, Our Blessed Mother, July 19, 2003

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