Why Enough is Never Enough: Overcoming Worries about Money

Why Enough is Never Enough: Overcoming Worries about Money

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Making Peace with God and Money
This is not a book about how to make money ... or spend it ... or give it away.

Rather, it's a book for anyone who has ever worried about money -- about having enough -- and it begins with a startling assumption: No amount of money will ever lift your anxiety.

This may seem counterintuitive, but in Gregory Jeffrey we have an experienced guide. With degrees in business and theology, he has worked as a development consultant for two decades. In meeting with thousands of individuals to ask their support for various causes, he discovered -- to his amazement -- that some people with millions worried constantly about money; others, of very modest means, seemed immune.

Apparently, making peace with money entails something other than money.

This insight led Jeffrey to question every fundamental assumption we hold about wealth. With warmth, humor, and a writing style as simple as the Dakota prairie he grew up on, he offers a unique perspective on the interplay between our spiritual and financial lives. Rich with images, stories, and compassion for the millions now burdened with financial worries, Jeffrey teases out what is required of the soul who wishes to be free of anxiety.

"Practical and timely, this book...will challenge you to grow in wisdom, trust, frugality, and generosity." -- Scott Hahn, best-selling author, speaker, and Scripture scholar

"In striving for holiness, conversion is needed in all parts of our lifes. Jeffrey goes to that place rarely examined: the intersection where wealth and God meet, and often come into conflict. As a remedy and balm, he shares with visual examples and heartwarming stories a sobering insight: to be at peace with money, you must first be at peace with God." -- The Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Bishop of Fargo

192 pages. Paperback.

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