Words of Faith

Words of Faith

Product Code: BK2753
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By: Craig Turner

If Jesus spoke to you now, what would He say? Certain saints through history have been granted the extraordinary ability to hear the voice of God, a gift called a "locution." In this powerful collection of dialogues and sayings, three incredible saints -- Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Genoa, and Margaret Mary Alacoque -- recount the advice and counsels that God spoke to them, faithfully recording the words of the Lord during their lifetimes. • "When your mind is crowded with earthly affairs, the dwelling I have prepared for Myself in your heart is closed against me." • "No Christian can be perfect who does not restrain his bodily appetite, for without abstinence from food and drink the war of the flesh will never end." • "Even though I created you without your help, I will not save you without it. Each page recounts amazing dialogues between God and these saints, and is filled with invaluable wisdom. For those who wish to hear the voice of God, Words of Faith is a treasure.

112 pages. Paperback.

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