Wrap Rosary Bracelets

Wrap Rosary Bracelets

Product Code: JW1191-1
  • $6.95

Wrap rosary bracelets. These bracelets have colored plastic beads for the Hail Mary beads and plastic pearl Our Father beads. The bracelet beads are iridescent. The bracelets have a miraculous medal on them. These bracelets should fit most wrists.

Each of the bracelets have a number inside of them to identify which color they are. The colors are below:

  1. Dark Purple
  2. Emerald Green
  3. Magenta
  4. Pale Pink
  5. Iridescent Gray
  6. Light Purple
  7. Golden Yellow
  8. Red
  9. Blue
  10. Light Green
  11. Iridescent Clear

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