Your Catholic Family: Simple Ways to Share the Faith at Home

Your Catholic Family: Simple Ways to Share the Faith at Home

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"Your children receive their faith from you in much the same way that they receive their language, their loyalties, their preferences, their talents and their habits from you. Your faith will almost inevitably be their faith at whatever level you express it, so if you want them to have a deep, solid and lasting faith, then you will have to put some effort into the way you express your faith to them. The first goal of this book is to help you explore your own faith. The second goal is to give you simple and effective ways to share your faith with your children."—from the Introduction

"Jim Merhaut has accepted the challenge to prepare a new generation of parents (and grandparents) with this wonderful new resource. This encyclopedic work is a treasure chest of solid content and engaging activities. Jim provides parents with the wisdom and guidance they need to share the Catholic faith with their children…[and] leads families through a journey of discovery, uncovering the riches of the Catholic tradition and helping families apply their learning to life today."—from the Foreword by John Roberto, Center for Ministry Development

"Jim Merhaut's book is a creative breakthrough toward solving the catechetical challenges that face the Church in the United States today…a breath of fresh air in catechesis."—Father Ken Miller, former executive director of pastoral and educational services for the Diocese of Youngstown and pastor of St. Louis Church in Louisville, Ohio

Parents and grandparents will find many activities to explore and share faith at home, all based on the four themes of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Scriptural Foundations, Celebration of the Christian Mystery, Life in Christ and Prayer.

  • Scriptural Q & A
  • Word games
  • Board games
  • Games for young children
  • Activities for teenagers
  • Creative art/learning projects
  • Topics for discussion
  • Countless ways to pray and faith-share
  • And so much more!

289 pages. Paperback.

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